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unspoken adj
1 expressed without speech; especially because words would be inappropriate or inadequate; "a mute appeal"; "a silent curse"; "best grief is tongueless"- Emily Dickinson; "the words stopped at her lips unsounded"; "unspoken grief"; "choking exasperation and wordless shame"- Thomas Wolfe [syn: mute, tongueless, wordless]
2 not made explicit; "the unexpressed terms of the agreement"; "things left unsaid"; "some kind of unspoken agreement"; "his action is clear but his reason remains unstated" [syn: unexpressed, unsaid, unstated, unuttered, unverbalized, unverbalised, unvoiced]unspoken See unspeak

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From un- + spoken, past participle of speak.



  1. Not spoken; not said.
  2. Not formally articulated or stated; implicit or understood.
    The unspoken rule is to start a new pot of coffee when it is empty.


not spoken; not said


  1. Negative of past participle of speak.

Usage notes

The verb to unspeak does not exist except in the special adjectival senses of unspeaking and unspoken.

Extensive Definition

Unspoken is Christian artist Jaci Velasquez's fifth English album. It was released on March 25,2003, debuting at #55 in the Billboard Top 200. seven weeks later, it was off the charts. Nevertheless, it did extremely well in the Top Gospel Albums chart. It was the first English album by Jaci that did not have a whole or partial Spanish song.

Track listing

  1. "You're My God"
  2. "Jesus Is"
  3. "Lost Without You"
  4. "Where I Belong"
  5. "The Real Me"
  6. "He"
  7. "Glass House"
  8. "Your Friend"
  9. "Something"
  10. "Unspoken"
  11. "I'm Alive"
  12. "Shine"


  • Bridget Benenate - Vocals (Background)
  • Bryan Lenox - Engineer
  • Michael Ripoll - Guitar (Acoustic), Spanish Guitar, Sitar
  • David J. Holman - Mixing
  • Tom Coyne - Mastering
  • Jaci Velasquez - A&R
  • Scott Savage - Drums
  • Jerard Woods
  • Javier Solís - Percussion
  • Jovaun Woods
  • Billy Gaines
  • Melinda Doolittle (later became a finalist in American Idol)
  • Danny Duncan - Engineer
  • David Davidson - Violin
  • Ray Roper - Design, Art Direction
  • Drew Douthit - Digital Editing
  • Rachel Perry - Vocals (Background)
  • Marvin Sims Drums
  • Dionicio R. Lopez - A&R
  • John Catchings - Cello
  • Jamie Kiner - Production Coordination
  • Emilio Estefan, Jr. - Producer
  • Tommy Sims - Synthesizer Bass, Synthesizer, Rhythm Box, Producer, Piano, Moog Bass, Mini Moog, Loops, Keyboards, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger
  • Linda Bourne Wornell - Artist Coordination
  • Tom McWilliams - Producer, Guitar (Acoustic), Arranger
  • Dana Reed
  • Angela Primm
  • Freddy Piñero, Jr. - Engineer, Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Programming
  • Akil Thompson
  • Abel Orta - Vocals (Background), Guitar (Bass)
  • Roz Clark Thompson
  • Alban Christ - Photography
  • Barry Landis - A&R
  • Javier Carrion - Bass

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